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Be the answer to the problem your next client needs to solve. Strategic, efficient and targeted pay-per click advertising for legal buyers. 


With decades of experience generating lucrative case leads and increasing revenue for small law firms across the country, we know exactly how to position you in front of the pack. And our relationships with inside Google PPC consultants are so robust, it’ll make your childhood best friend look like a stranger.

At Lawful Marketing we have analyzed search behavior of legal buyers to identify trends that help us segment audiences based on search intent. We use that data and our experience to target the audiences that matter most to you with messaging tailored to where they are in their decision making process. This enables us to be more efficient with your your law firm’s advertising budget by segmenting bid strategies, prioritizing audiences that convert.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Law Firms

Our Process

We started Lawful Marketing out of our shared frustration with what we saw as a lack of creativity and strategy in law firm marketing. We saw first hand how legal marketing outfits focused on providing marketing services that scaled rather than performed. We knew there was a better way and we decided to create it. 

Our process is one that begins with your target audience. We have catalogued thousands of search queries to identify specific keyword sets and search queries by search intent. We use that data as the foundation for building an effective search advertising program for our clients. 

We then shift to your competition. Together we examine your direct market competitors and national competitors to develop messaging that sets your firm apart. Our formula for effective ad copy begins with your customers and what they are searching for. We then incorporate elements that make your law firm stand out in a way that elevates your brand and resonates with your audience.  

Next we turn our attention to the audiences that you do not want to reach. The same way we have identified the search behavior of legal buyers we have also studied the search behavior of audiences that never convert. We filter out those undesirable audiences via a number of tactics. These include managing curated lists of keywords that we want to exclude from your campaigns. This also includes blocking competitors, other marketers, and fraudsters from ever seeing your ads. 

Our process of targeting desirable audiences, creativity and filtering undesirable audiences has proven to be the most effective approach we have seen in building profitable law firm advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Bing.

What Makes Us Different

  • Reasonable Pricing

    Our pricing is simple and straight forward. There are no hidden fees.

  • We Focus on You.

    We will not work with your direct market competitors. Making your firm stand out from the competition is our goal and we will work with you to beat the competition and not match the competition.

  • Made for Every Device

    We tailor your bid strategies to prioritize clients on the devices that best convert.

  • Experience

    We understand how legal consumers search for your law firm including the keywords that lead to conversion.

  • No Lengthy Contracts

    We do not lock our client's in to lengthy management contracts. We want you to choose the services we provide because they work for you not because you are locked in to a contract.

  • No hidden Fees

    You will never be surprised by any of our charges.

  • No Up-sells

    We do not have any pushy sales people. We will help your business succeed and support your growth goals without pushing product.

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