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Lawful marketing is a performance based law firm marketing agency. We have developed our process to adapt to the evolving needs of the law firms we work with and the clients they serve. We started Lawful Marketing to bring integrity and honesty back to legal marketing.

Our mission is simple:  Help our clients create distinctive, memorable and influential experiences that help their firms grow.

At our core we want to help differentiate you and your law firm from your competition. That is why will not work with your direct market competitor. Read more about our exclusivity policy here.

Lawful Marketing is so much more than a maker of the best law firm websites. Yes we will create an amazing website designed to convert visitors into potential clients, and we won’t stop there. We create marketing programs that differentiate you from the competition, speak to the needs of your target audience, and get results. Everything we do is dialed in to answering one simple question:  How can we help your law firm grow?

Lawful Marketing is a performance based law firm marketing agency built by marketers and attorneys. We have developed our process over decades working with top brands and law firms. We know what works and what doesn’t. We deliver the right message in the moments that matter to your next potential client.

Sounds like a pitch right. It’s not. If you are frustrated by empty promises, jargon filled nonsense and lengthy contracts you need to give us a call. We don’t have pushy sales people. We are real people that will make your marketing better.

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